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Do I need a 4x4 or SUV to get there?

In spring, summer, fall, no you won't. In the winter, maybe. The last 15 minutes are a gravel road suitable for even a small car. In the winter, most days you won't need a 4x4 nor SUV. The road is mostly clear but Icelandic weather can be fickle. We urge our guest to check out the weather forecast before heading out of town. If it snows it will depend on your confidence or experience driving in snow and a 4x4 will be of course be a safer option. In case of heavy snowfall, your safest option is to notify us that you are on your way and we will be ready to help out. 

If you get stuck in snow, there are local companies that can get you unstuck for a fee. Please contact us, and we will advise

Remember to take road nr.535 and not nr.536

You can check these websites for further preparation:

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