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Cabin no.2 - House manual

Keys: Please make sure to leave the keys in the keybox to prevent them being lost while exploring on daytrips.


Wifi: We have recently installed 3G wifi router. It has some limitations in speed and dependability but should keep you connected to the world. Network name and password are on the back/bottom of the router.


Heating: There are several electric radiators that you can dial up and down to make it warm and cozy. Please keep on a low setting when you leave the cabin. It will help us keep costs low.  


Condensation / steam. If it´s very cold outside and very warm inside, condensation can form on windows and puddles can form below. Also if you take showers without opening a window or you’re boiling something in the kitchen, it can become quite moist, which is harmful for the cabin. We therefore ask that you open a window when showering and cooking, and dry up puddles if they form under the windows.


Hot water: Unfortunately we are not connected to the geothermal energy pipeline which provides seemingly endless amounts of hot water you will find elsewhere in Iceland. We have an electric water heater, so the hot water will run out if you stay too long. So just keep that in mind if you are the first one in your group to take a shower :)


Mice: This is the countryside, and there are plenty of harmless field mice that are quite attracted to a warm dry cabin. It doesn’t mean that they are welcome. So just make sure doors remain close while you’re making trips to the car or taking pictures of northern lights. Just don’t forget to unlock the door :)


Entrance: As you walk through the front door, there's room to take off your shoes and overcoats. There are slippers for you to use since the floor can be a bit cold. 

Bedrooms: There are two bedrooms on the right with a queen sized bed in each.

Bathroom is straight ahead: There is a washer there if you need.

Living room: If you're pulling out the sleeping couch, it's really easy and simple but just in case, here is an unnecessarily dramatic video of it

There's a mattress cover in the storage part of it that I kindly ask you to use. There are also extra covers, pillows and linens there if you need it.  


Kitchen: The kitchen is brand new and fully stocked except for a dishwasher.

We have a french press for coffee.


There’s a hidden drawer within the top drawer with all sorts of kitchen utensils. The pots and pans are under the oven.


Upstairs: We have a TV and a hard drive with some movies and TV if you want to sit back and relax. It’s attached to the TV and you use the TV remote to find whatever catches your fancy. We will also have connections that will fit most laptops if you want to play something off your own computer. 

The sofa also folds out into a bed. Under the sofa bed there’s travel crib that you can use if you have an infant or small child. 


BBQ: We have a gas BBQ. It will be on the porch for the summer but we will make other arrangements to shelter it for the winter.

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