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Checking in - Checking out

Feel free to check in any time after 4pm and check out any time before 10am. The reason for this wider margin is the deal we’ve made with our cleaning lady. Ours is one of many gigs she does and she needs flexibility to fit everything in. Keep in mind that although there is a cleaning service and cleaning fee, it is to cover the cost of changing and cleaning linen, vacuuming, dusting. It does not include cleaning dirty dishes or gathering and taking out trash. Please leave the cabin neatly :) 

  • Please bring trash and recycling with you when you leave. There are dumpsters on the gravel road 535 ( see images below)

  • Don’t turn the radiators off - Better to keep a normal temperature going.

  • Place the keys back in the lock box

  • Have a safe and wonderful journey onwards!

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